Whether it's the people or the place, one thing is for sure - the drinks served are integral to a great pub...

We have a fabulous range of drinks at our bar.

From premium lagers, the finest ales and delicious cider - to our quality cocktails mixed by our skilled bar team, 'a quick drink' will never be a mediocre affair!

The only hard bit will be choosing what to have...if you need a recommendation, let us know, we have hundreds.

Drinks Menus

ale pumps

Bath Ales served here

Nothing is better than 'drinking' local.

We aim to sell lots of different local beers - but have started off with Bath Ales - and what's delicious ales they are!

You can enjoy Bath Gem on draught, and Ginger Hare and Dark side in bottles at our bar - alongside the rest of our delicious range of ales. Inlcuding our own White Hart Best (3.8%), Wychwood Hobgoblin (5.2%) & Oxford Gold (4%)

Come in and enjoy a pint of Britain's finest with us.

Premium drinks

Only the best will suffice

Whether you want to enjoy a tasty cocktail mixed by our skilled bar team, a pint of lager or a fresh soft drink, you can be sure it will be a premium quality product.

Every visit is an opportunity to try something delicious - and we believe that 'something' usually tastes best when it's perfectly served, which is another reason why we take such pride in our drinks.

wine bottles

El Vino is top notch...

A great wine list.

Every good pub should have one. And we're rather proud of ours.

Including some well known varietals, as well as a few lesser knowns - we have worked to balance Old and New world, and ensured that the prices we ask truly reflect the quality of the juice in the bottle.

If you ever needed an excuse to improve your wine knowledge - getting to know our list should help you on your way...